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Hi there visitor,

I am ‘The Hiking Dutchman’. Ever since I have been growing up, I liked to hike, wander, walk or whatever you might call it. I like the slow pacing through the country, having time to look around and seeing the details one might miss when travelling faster. I like having time to think, being alone with just birds, plants and trees and the occasional mammal. My best ideas have sprung from a weekend in the woods.

I like being alone, so why would I take time to write this down for others to read? I also like to inspire others to do what they want (doing what you want is not normal anymore). Do what YOU want, not what society expects you to do. Go hiking alone, or take friends. Go swimming in the middle of the night, or on midday. Build a website, write a blog ;-), publish a book, start selling chickens, buy a snake… Get the point?

So, if you’d like to go on a hike alone, but you’re a bit anxious as of how to proceed, read my blog’s and find out there’s nothing holding you back. If you like stories and pictures, read on and enjoy. If you have another reason, please read on…

Have fun, donations are welcome šŸ˜‰

The Hiking Dutchman

My Hikes


Ascension day, beautiful weather, I really wanted to get out. So I stepped into my car with the kids and drove out of the city. When we passed Oudewater I thought it was enough, I parked the car and we started walking. First we visited the ‘Witch Scale’ where people were weighed centuries ago to …


A short walk to the river beach near Sleeuwijk. Short, but with historic views of concrete pillars. These pillars were once ordered by the NATO, meant for a temporary bridge in case of need for troop movement for the cold war. One picture features the newer ‘Merwedebrug’ in the background.