The Hike-Challenge

So you want to start hiking, or expand your hiking experience? Let me challenge you to achieve your goal!

1- Goal

What do you want to achieve? Do you want to walk a 150km trail in a week? Do you want to enjoy at least 10 km’s of hiking every month?

2- Start Level

How much hiking experience do you have? What is your physical condition right now? Do you have the gear needed?

3- Intermediate Goals

Set intermediate goals and plan them. Don’t reach out for your big goal at once, take small steps and celebrate achieving every one of them!

4- Celebrate

How wil you celebrate reaching your big goal? Write a blog? Throw a party with friends? Get donations for reaching it and help children in need?

In the following pages, I will try to untangle everything there is about hiking. Helping you set your own goals and reaching them!

Don’t forget: have fun!

To help you get started, we have selected some challenges for you!

Challenge 1 — Take a hike of 10 km’s or more