Challenge 1 — Take a Hike of 10 km’s or more


10 kilometers can be done very wel as long as your physical condition is ok. This hike will take about an afternoon. Just take your time, have a break on the way and don’t forget to enjoy the surroundings.


No investments are needed for this hike. If you decide to go on hikes this distance ofter, it’s wise to buy some quality hiking shoes and socks. Wear clothes that don’t restrict your movements, it is not necessary to buy dedicated hiking clothes.

What to bring along

One rule is always valid in hiking: don’t bring to much, just take the necessary. Weight is the main killer in hiking. For this hike a small bottle of water and some snacks for energy, a telephone for emergencies and for bad weather a raincoat or poncho should suffice. I always bring along my camera, but even I consider which lenses to take before I set off. Nowadays telephones can make pretty good quality pictures as well.

Did it?

Cograts, you have completed challenge 1! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or write us a guest-article! Do you feel like proceeding to challenge 2?