Rothaarsteig Part 1 and 2

In 2016, I have hiked the first 2 parts of the Rothaarsteig. Starting from Brilon and ending in Winterberg.

Brilon - woods Brilon - woods
Brilon - woods
Brilon - View Brilon - View
Brilon - View


Total distance: 22454 m
Total distance: 21554 m

Weekend hike – Houffalize

A hike of one weekend. Staring and ending at Houffalize in Belgium.

Ardennen 2014 - 3 Ardennen 2014 - 3
Ardennen 2014 - 3
Ardennen 2014 - 2 Ardennen 2014 - 2
Ardennen 2014 - 2
Ardennen 2014 - 1 Ardennen 2014 - 1
Ardennen 2014 - 1

Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian was a roman emperor. Where his predecessors were going for expansion, Hadrian tried to consolidate the conquered lands and defend the vast land. He build several walls at the borders of his empire, one of which crossed England from Newcastle to Solway. Parts of the wall still stand and a trail leads hikers all the way across England for 135 kilometers.

Back in 200? I have conquered this trail together with my girlfriend back then, her brother, her sister and the boyfriend of her sister. It took us two weeks, this was my first multiple day hike.

Total distance: 173513 m

Sendero de los Quetzales

This trail, going through the mountains in Panama, is named after the ‘Quetzal’, a bird with two long tailfeathers. Sadly I didn’t see any, but the trail itself was a very beautiful one. Planned to hike in two days, I arrived at the finish point in one…

Total distance: 33507 m