Not Hiking but Skating

This day it was possible to skate on the lake near Gouda. The last time this was possible has been many years ago, so I took my kids and started off to the lake. People were making a circuit on the ice, so we knew we would be safe there.

We skated a few rounds, then went home for some warmth. Have a look at the pictures, it was so much fun!

WP_20180303_15_17_20_Pro WP_20180303_15_17_20_Pro
WP_20180303_15_03_42_Pro WP_20180303_15_03_42_Pro
WP_20180303_15_03_38_Pro WP_20180303_15_03_38_Pro
WP_20180303_14_41_41_Pro WP_20180303_14_41_41_Pro


Total distance: 1235 m


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